Fairness for OPBR_global

Fairness for OPBR_global

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Started by OPBR_global Player

As you all know Global and Japan's versions of OPBR have been highly unfair. I propose Bandai fixes their own mess...

As the japan Extreme Luffy banner provides character fragments on the 1st pull (5 Frags) 3rd pull (10 Frags) and 5th pull (15 Frags) the only way to make it fair for the rest of the world is by formally apologising for what is clearly a scam and providing everyone the fragments they rightfully deserve.

30 Extreme Luffy fragments for every 250 Rainbow diamonds spent on the Extreme Luffy Banner.


A full refund on any gems spent on the Luffy Banner (which we all know will not happen)

Hopefully this will push forward the idea of fairness for everyone who plays OPBR. Bandai, please get your act together.

30 have signed. Let’s get to 50!