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DBZ Dokkan Battle global version: claims and discontent

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After being used to receive a lot of dragon stones for every ingame celebrations (150DL, 200DL, Xmas, the most profitable app on Android and IOS), Bandaï Namco seems they don't wanna reward us as they did before anymore.

Let me explain:

The Christmas celebration was stingy from them, only receive 1 Dragon stone on christmas day is a shame, they never did that before, without talking about all the dokkan fest invocation gate in less than a month, gotenks SSJ3 Phy, Ultimate Gohan Str, Goku Ultra instinct, just after a double dokkan fest Gogeta int and Janemba str!!! How can free to play players even invocate in all these big invocation gates (even just one multi pull) if you don't give dragon stones anymore!!

Even the pay to win players can't except if you spent 1000€ or dollars a month, it's not about the drop rate but a ssr guaranteed when you pull a multi invocation or a ssr guaranteed after a few multi invocations (just a reminder, 91ds for 50€, when you know you can pull 3 multi in a row and drop no SSR cards, about 80€) it's a shame. I know like every company your aim is to make money and try to keep us satisfied in the same time, but we're not anymore!!! we give you a lot so keep give us back like before or we're not giving anymore!!! (we made the game top profitable game and every rewards the game receive, it's thanks to us, we own them as well)

What we want:

- Be warned at least a week before every celebration or invocation gates, you need to comunicate with us a lot more!

-Received more Dragon stones for every important celebration or reward the game receive

-Every gameplay upgrade the Japanese Version receive, we want them the same time (potential tree amelioration, dokkan event half act cost, better medals drop in the 40 acts dokkan events, better everyday rewards, we don't care about friends points or stuff like that as reward! give us 1 dragon stone a day, it's only 365 a year, it's 6 multi free pull a year  considering you can pull no SSR with all them DS! and it won't make us not to pay anymore for ds, don't worry!

-Reconsidering the Dragon stone price in store (or the quantity, 91 DS for 50€ or 37€ in sales it's expensive for just a multi invocation and a few single!)

-You need to be generous again! before for a "thank you" campaign or to celebrate 150 or 200m Downloads, you gave us a considerable amount of DS (sometimes almos a hundred) and a special invocation gates with great characters featured!

-We want a thank you invocation gate with tickets gifts in proportion with the ds we spent!

-We want the Goku Lr Campaign back for those who didn't have the chance to fullfill it when it was there

-News game modes!

-A better drop rate if you don't  reduce the dragon stones price!! (it's unnaceptable to pull no SSR with 100€ or dollars)

-A invocations reward system ( when you spent a lot of DS ingame, a way to reward players)

- A player vs player game mode

-A new version of Tenkaichi budokai (it's boring and always the same thing plus it last way too long (5 days against 2 on the japanese version, why?!), a pvp mode would be more exciting and rewarding)

-Some community managers on your Facebook page who answer fast and discuss with us (the page announce some event way longer after they begun!)

-Stop modifiyng the invocation gates compared to the japanese version, almost everytime better featured than Global Version!

-We give the game and Bandaï Namco a lot because we're passionate and we show it to you, please do the same and give us back!

I know you won't do everything we ask, but you have to think about it and do some things to ease us, until then we won't spend money in the game anymore, YOU HAVE TO REPLY





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