Re-Open Akudo's Bank Account and Stop Discrimination Against Nigerians and Immigrants in Spain

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Akudo Chinedu Ojoh is a PhD student of International Studies in Peace, Conflicts and Development at the Universitat Jaume I, Castellon De La Plana, Spain. She obtained her Master's degree from the same university, and is currently the President of Desirable-Impact (DI), Spain (a nonprofit association registered in Spain). She has also authored a couple of books.

Having presented the required documents for bank account opening with Santander, Castellon on the 17th of June, 2014, which included original and a photocopy of the Spanish Permanent Residence Permit; the university matriculation certificate issued by the UNESCO Chair of Philosophy for Peace, Universitat Jaume I, The Home Address Certificate issued by the Ayuntamiento of Castellon city, among other valid documents, an account was opened for her with a deposit of 200 Euros. She also solicited for a debit card to enable her make online purchases, which was also sent to her home address. Few days later, she went back to her bank in Castellon to make another deposit, only to discover that her account had been cancelled without any prior notification or genuine reason. She was asked to produce additional documents to re-open the account, which she did. She kept going back to the bank without any positive feedback. She wrote to the Head Office located in Madrid, and received a letter from the Head Office assuring her that they would look into her peticion. On July 4th, she revisited her bank, given that she was asked to come back the first week of August, 2014, only to be told that her account has been cancelled with lies from the bank official that some documents were not correct. She maintained that all the documents she provided were accurate. Unknown to the Santander official, she had seen the reason why her account was cancelled on the document the bank official was holding: It was written boldly, 'Cancelada Por Paises Sensibles'- Santander cancelled her account because Nigeria, which is her country of origin, has been blacklisted by the Spanish banks. The Spanish banks are frustrating Nigerians living in Spain. How can a Phd student carry out her studies without a bank account or credit or debit card to purchase books online? How can an author market her books which she spent a lot of money to publish without a bank account? How frustrating! Please, tell Santander to re-open Akudo's Bank account with them as this would enable her own a bank account and carry out her PhD research with ease. She has not committed any crime. Thank you.



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