Legal Action against people posting derogatory remarks against EXID

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Amidst the recent incidents in South Korea concerning women and their safety, I, on behalf of all the LEGGOs worldwide, would like to draw your attention towards all the derogatory and inappropriate remarks made towards EXID members.

Recently, Hani, has been targeted to such remarks allegedly by a trainee from a show Produce 101 X, Kwon Heejun.

In the picture, we can see how he's discussing about Hani with his friend, by using inappropriate comments.

Time and again EXID members have been targeted to such malicious remarks by various people. As loyal fans of EXID, we strongly disapprove this behaviour and believe that an agency should take the responsibility of their artists. Thus, we request Banana Culture, the respected agency, to take LEGAL ACTIONS against such people, who try to defame, shame EXID with such inappropriate remarks.