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UPDATE: January 18: Recently, Indiana legislators introduced HB 1135, a measure to ban fox and coyote penning.

In a wildlife pen, captured wild animals are confined to a fraction of their normal range and used as live prey for training hunting dogs. While hunters are supposed to call off their dogs before the prey is killed, that doesn't always happen.

Two years ago, citing the cruelty that abounds in wildlife pens, the state of Indiana banned the sale of coyotes to out-of-state wildlife pens, and earlier this year, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources supported a ban on wildlife pens within Indiana.

Now, however, they've changed their tune and annouced their desire to legitimize wildlife penning in Indiana. It's the wrong move for animal welfare.

Ask Indiana Department of Natural Resources Director Robert Carter to use his position on Indiana's Natural Resources Commission to ban wildlife pens altogether.

Letter to
Director, Indiana Department of Natural Resources Robert E. Carter, Jr.
Indiana State House
Indiana State Senate
and 1 other
Indiana Governor
I was dismayed to learn that the Indiana Natural Resources Commission recently granted preliminary approval to a proposal to legitimize wildlife pens, where animals captured in the wild are used as bait to train hunting dogs. It's a step in the wrong direction; instead of legitimizing wildlife pens, I hope you'll join Indiana legislators (who recently introduced HB 1135) and support a ban on wildlife pens in Indiana.

Two years ago, Indiana officials, concerned with cruel conditions in out-of-state wildlife pens, banned sale of coyotes caught in the state to wildlife pens outside Indiana. Earlier this year, the DNR even supported a ban on wildlife pens in the state. I'm asking you to hold to those principles and, instead of legitimizing wildlife penning under the guise of regulation, ban the practice entirely.

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