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Water beads can be TOXIC! Water Beads can KILL! Water Beads are not toys! Non toxic is an unregulated term! 

Our goal is to protect children by demanding clearer warning labels on water bead products, prohibiting the beads from being marketed to children as toys, and ensuring parents know the FULL dangers water beads pose to children!

Water beads are known by many different names. Originally used for agricultural and decor purposes, recently water beads have been heavily marketed as a “non-toxic” safe, eco friendly and biodegradable, sensory toy for childrenThese claims are misleading. Non toxic is a shockingly unregulated term!

The beads are often imported and sold simultaneously as an agricultural soil conditioner, decorative vase filler, and as a toy for children. While sometimes water bead product label's state the beads are a choking hazard many fail to mention the full risks water beads pose to children and pets.

Water beads have caused injuries such as rashes, nasal cavity injuries, eye injuries, hearing loss, lung damage, seizure, major intestinal surgeries, asphyxiation, infection, brain injury, sepsis, and death. Water beads are banned in multiple other countries, but not in the US. 



A little girl named Kennedy is currently fighting for her life in the hospital due to a water-bead injury. She suffered an obstruction and has endured multiple surgeries due to infection complications.


Kennedy in Hospital


To help her family during this difficult time Click Here: GoFund Me

In 2017 a little girl named Kipley was also injured by water beads. She suffered an obstruction and because the beads contained a toxic chemical she was left with a brain injury


Kipley in Hospital


To read Kipley's story, learn about the dangers of water beads, and how you help their nonprofit organization achieve their mission VISIT:

Mr. B, a little boy, was hospitalized earlier this year after accidently asphyxiating on a water bead. His oxygen levels had plummeted to critically low levels, necessitating an emergency exploratory operation to remove the bead. The water bead burst as the doctor sought to remove it, coating his lung. 


Mr. B in the hospital


These parents did NOT purchase water beads for their babies they were purchased for older siblings. These parents maintained adult supervision of their younger children yet they never saw their children swallow or inhail the water beads. They did not discover that their children had been injured by water beads until after emergency exploratory procedures! 

Water beads pose diagnostic and removal difficulties for physicians because they can not be seen on x-rays, and on CT, they can look like gas!

TOO MANY children have been injured by water beads. But, the instances of these injuries caused by these dangerous beads is often under reported. 

Kipley's mom reported her injury back in 2017 and made subsequent reports in 2018, and 2022 to the CPSC but they were ignored! Additionally, on Kennedy and, her mom, Folichia's behalf multiple stores have been asked to remove water beads from their shelves to protect children and her warnings have been ignored! Mr. B's mom, Elissa, notified the retailer and the manufacturer after his injury. The manufacturer never responded to her concerns!

We know you care about the safety of children and will not stand for these families to be ignored! PLEASE HELP US PROTECT KIDS and get these water beads off the market! 


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Lets get to work, protect children, and BAN WATER BEADS!!!!



0 have signed. Let’s get to 75,000!
At 75,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!