Stop Mind-Warfare+Directed-Energy-Tortures+Gang-Stalking (India, Worldwide)

Stop Mind-Warfare+Directed-Energy-Tortures+Gang-Stalking (India, Worldwide)

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Respected Sir,

This is an URGENT public interest petition to STOP the illegal and unethical testing of high-tech military-grade weapons covertly obtained from American intelligence agencies (CIA/NSA/DOD) and/or American military defense contractors - into many Indian states (including Tamil Nadu, in India where I live) that are being used for Torture Programs. Torture Comprises of Mind-Reading, 24/7 Anywhere Tracking, Organized Gang-Stalking, 'Voices-To-Skull'('V2K'), Physical Injury through Directed Energy Weapons and targeted blacklisting in society. This has been going on in Tamil Nadu (including Chennai) for past 15 years at least (myself have been harassed the past 12+ years, still continues now) - and going on in a few other states within India for 25 years. THIS SEEMS TO BE PART OF THE ILLUMINATI GLOBALISTS' AGENDA TO TEST SUCH WEAPONS COVERTLY IN ALL COUNTRIES AND TO SECRETLY REMOVE ANY UNDESIRABLES, TRUE PATRIOTS AND ACTIVISTS WHOEVER THEY DECIDE AS A THREAT TO THEIR 1-WORLD GLOBAL AGENDA.

This is pretty much designed like military/war concentration camps. My own experience showed me this at Chennai. A camp-like, prey-predator system is created inside and around victims' homes itself. All these attacks are 'no-touch' and remotely operated - and so leave the miminum evidence (if at all) thus making all available laws ineffective and powerless to help the targeted innocent civilians.  

SOURCE OF THESE WEAPONS: These weapons systems were developed originally by the American Defense/Intelligence agencies (especially, CIA, NSA, and DOD) and after having illegally tested on thousands of innocent American citizens, now have been brought into many many developing countries from America through defense contractors (such as Lockheed Martin) and covertly released into other countries through their local intelligence agencies, law enforcement, community watch groups, or Freemasonry-linked construction contractors. The people specially targeted and subsequently tortured systematically are termed as 'Targeted Individuals' (or 'TI'). There are several lakhs of 'TIs' globally now. 

1. TOTAL SURVEILLANCE, MIND-READING, BODY-MIND CONTROL, DREAM MANIPULATION - USING REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING MODULE ('RNM') - Using this, harassers can view ALL the innermost thoughts of the targeted person on a screen - as clearly as one reads a newspaper. The eyes of the target becomes a live camera for the trackers. Whatever the targets view is recorded on the trackers' computer or viewed by the trackers' brains using a brain-to-computer link! These satellite-based technologies result in gross by-passing of fundamental human rights such as personal privacy, health, safety, data security, family security, etc. Even small children are more and more brain-linked to this system and are growing up while reading minds of TIs (and their unaware family women and children also). Pre-packaged dream sequences are routinely downloaded to TIs' brains and harassers interact with the victims while they are dreaming. Stressful traumas/shocks are also induced via artificial dreams (completely wirelessly - without any chip implants, electrodes etc.)

2. INVISIBLE PHYSICAL DAMAGE: DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS ('DEW'): Any of our body-parts can be targeted and attacked by these directed energy weapons. These weapons may use Microwave/EMF/ELF waves and can cause a wide range of diseases including cancer, heart failure, kidney disease, vertigo, hands/legs paralysis, internal decay, memory losses - all at the touch of a button from anywhere, tracelessly - just by using the unique 'brain fingerprint' (brain frequency) of any victim anywhere. Also, many a fatal heart-attack that struck the victim when asleep may have been induced/catalyzed by these weapons, possibly .

3. DISRUPTION OF THOUGHT FREEDOM BY 'VOICE-TO-SKULL' ('V2K') This US-patented 30+ year-old technology is also known as 'Microwave Hearing' / 'Synthetic Telepathy' / 'Voice-of-God' and is being used for traceless mental harassment. Using this, the harassers beam-in abusive voices directly into skulls of the Targeted Individuals by-passing their ears. Harassers interrupt and censor the victims' normal thinking when travelling anywhere in society by beaming in abusive voices into the victim's head constantly - hence spoiling work-tasks completion. Victims also get wrongly labelled as mentally-ill when reporting about this. 

V2K is also used for Deception (causing confusion by beaming voices inside skull in-between talks when TI is talking to other people) and Impersonation of voices of close relations (whenever relations are talking to TIs, these perpetrators intertwine their own voices along with the relations' voices by a technology named 'EEG Heterodyning'.

4. STALKING: Dramas are enacted out daily, using neighbours, housekeeping servants, street-dwellers, paid-stalkers planted as 'tenants', etc. These stalkers surround the areas whereever TIs are at home (or are visiting outside places) and shout abuses at TIs with drama-type skits while following TIs' movements room-to-room - slamming doors with force, banging objects from  ceiling/adjoining walls when they sense you standing near their vicinity but within your flat's boundaries. VICTIMS' home IS WHERE THIS IS MAXIMUM PRACTISED leading to near-total loss of peace for any of these victims. TIs are blacklisted in society by these syndicates and TIs' career choices become nearly zero. 

TOTAL LOSS OF PRIVACY: Surveillance is usually carried out first unannounced secretly for years - without the targets ever being to even able to detect that their innermost details had been collected and stored - and that their own eyes themselves are cameras giving the latest details about themselves and the places and persons they visit. These devices are authorized to access government satellites and are linked to supercomputers for data analysis and harvesting purposes. Victims have no privacy anywhere on the planet (bathrooms and bedrooms included).

HARMFUL EFFECTS: The targeted people's physical health, hygiene, peace of mind, career and social credibility, family, friends and other relationships - all these get seriously downgraded and systematically made to fade out via the above torture program. Neighbors, current employer and potential employers, many relatives of targets and servants are all made (many forced) to participate in the above torture techniques. A primary goal in these 'slow-kill', 'no-touch'/'soft-kill' programs is to remove TIs from the job workforce - so that they are in range at home for longer times to facilitate more testing, refining of weapons and for training more operators and neural programmers. The combined impact of all these together - physical wounds, 24x7 psychological warfare, career vanished, and social blacklisting at nearly all places IS DEVASTATING to TIs, to say the least.

Finally, this harassment combined with secret 24x7 surveillance gets extended on to covertly watch the remaining members in the family of the TIs. 

WORLDWIDE ISSUE: Dr. John Hall, M.D. (Doctor and Author, USA) who has analyzed the above phenomenon personally - calls this as 'Satellite Terrorism' and the greatest threat to humanity in the near future.

There are thousands of victims in India currently and many hundreds in Tamil Nadu as well (myself included - I faced (still facing) ALL ABOVE no-touch torture aspects past 12 years - while my aged mother and sister are controlled without their knowledge - through trigger words, dream manipulation, social engineering and personality altering techniques). (See Petition Update #1 that displays 12 Youtube Video testimonies by normal fully-sane Indians residing in 12 states in India facing this mind-control torture for many years (3 of the 12 testimonies are by women victims) - a few have revealed this harassment has been going on for the past 20 years!).

THE SAFETY OF ALL OUR WOMEN AND CHILDREN ARE AT RISK - as long as the public are unaware of the above secret surveillance on all by these secretive operators - often acting with local government support (under 'black budgets') and using falsified reasons for starting up this 24x7 remote and complete surveillance of targets.

Gang-stalking done is NO-TOUCH type, both Directed energy weapons and Voice2Skull are remotely-controlled. Thus, this full protocol (Organized Stalking & Electronic Harassment - 'OSEH' in short) leaves the least physical evidence of any wrong-doings and has become strongly prevalent inside many many nations.

We humbly request our Honorable Chief Justice (Supreme Court of India), Honorable Chief Justice (Madras High Court, Chennai, India) and Respected Human Rights Commissioner (United Nations) to take Suo moto cognizance of above issue and include all non-consensual experimentation of these remote monitoring systems and weaponized technologies as severely punishable human rights violations and a Cyber-Crime under the Indian Penal Code (IPC). 

Appendices: Video Testimonies by Indian Women Victims: