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Ban Triple Talaq - Dump Muslim Personal Law in India

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Uniform civil code calls for replacing of the personal laws that are based on religion and scriptures with a common set of laws governing all the citizens of India. These are usually laws relating to marriage, divorce, inheritance of property, adoption, etc. Triple talaq is one such Muslim personal law which has been practiced since time immemorial.

There have been a lot of disputes regarding the triple talaq law which gives a man the right to utter the word thrice and seal the deal of divorce permanently. Women are suffering injustice in the name of personal law and hence they want the triple talaq thing to be ablolished and be replaced with uniform civil code.


1. Unjust to women: Women are aggrieved due to this age old practice of giving all the power to a man to get rid of the woman without giving her any explanation or having to justify his act in front of a court or gathering of people. It is only women and children who have to suffer the consequences of their actions. Man could be drunk and utter “talaq” thrice and it’s over between them. It is not he who shall face the consequences but the woman.

2. Personal law bodies are of no help: If Muslim Personal Law board is so worried about keeping the government from interfering in the matters that relate to their religion, they should have heard the grievances of the suffering women and found solution for them instead of turning a deaf ear. Many women have testified that the personal law board refused to hear their plead in situations where these women were met with injustice.

3. Un-Islamic: Those advocates of Islam were born and raised patriarchs who have believed that the verses of Quran are extreme terms that couldn’t have any other interpretation. They follow verses that entertain their masochistic belief only while ignoring those that have provisions for safeguarding the interests of women. Islam has held women in high esteem. Triple talaq has various limitations of time and place and sanity of the man which is something that is not followed in India while it prevails in many other countries with Muslim majority.

4. Unconstitutional: Bestowing extra rights to men regarding divorce is unfair. Though Islam also gives right to seek divorce to women but the powers are limited. A man, on the other hand can simply utter the three words, giving no reason, taking up no responsibility of the children or giving her alibi money and he’s suddenly single again. This is unconstitutional and must be done away with.

5. Misused laws: The triple talaq thing is badly misused by men everywhere. They could marry a woman, live with her for a few years and for whatever reason leave her shattered. Rich men from Gulf countries have been popularly known to marry and take poor Indian girls as wives and later after a few years send her back with the tag of a ‘divorcee.’

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