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Ban the use of plastic straws in Ireland!

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Up to 13 million tonnes of plastic waste ends up in the world’s oceans every year including the estimated billion single use plastic straws we use daily. Your drink might only last 10 minutes but the straw you drank it with may take 300 years to break down.

Plastic straws are rarely recycled. Instead, they find their way to landfills and ultimately to the oceans where they contribute to marine litter and often end up in the stomach of some unfortunate sea mammal, fish or bird who has eaten it, thinking it was food. They cause injury, pain and death to sea creatures.

Ocean plastics like straws eventually break into smaller fragments, where they are carried up the food chain. This is bad news for sea creatures and bad news for you, if you plan on having fish for dinner.
Plastics are endemic. While it may not be feasible to ban all plastics immediately, banning straws would be a start. The Irish Government has promised to legislate to ban micro-plastic beads in 2018.We call on the government to extend this ban to plastic straws.

Make this the last straw. Ban plastic straws!



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