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Petitioning Minister of Health Hon. Leona Aglukkaq and 2 others

Ban the Use of GMO Food In Canada: Make the Harmful GMO Foods Illegal

Genetically modified organic food, made by the company of Monsanto are extremely bad for the human body and have been forced into everything we eat. These foods have detrimental effects to our health and the information about them is being covered up. The food is genetically modified, as in the plant's DNA has been tampered with, in this case another gene from a different organism has been introduced to the DNA of the plant. Most of them contain the DNA of some strain of bacteria which then gives off a toxin which works as a pesticide. The problem with this is that they have very little testing and the testing and evidence that has been gather from GMO foods is most horrifying, it can cause cancer, liver disease, allergies, heart disease, intestinal problems, nervous disorders and much more. Please sign my petition, I am only 18 years old, but I feel we as people need to do this, and I want to help the people of my country and other countries all over the world. Thank you!

Letter to
Minister of Health Hon. Leona Aglukkaq
Prime Minister of Canada Stephan Harper
Minister of Agriculture and Agri-food Hon.Geryy Ritz
Ban the use of GMO foods in all food and drink products, starting in Canada.

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