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Ban the sale of caffeinated energy drinks to under-18s before another child becomes a statistic #clipredbullswings


Anxiety, heart palpitations, dizziness, chest pains and insomnia. They sound like the symptoms of a serious illness no parent would wish upon their child.

Did you know they’re also the symptoms of caffeine toxicity that can be brought on by consuming too many energy drinks?

With a 250mL can of Red Bull containing almost seven teaspoons of sugar, these drinks aren’t just unhealthy – they can place our kids’ health in serious danger.

Red Bull admit it themselves: “we do not recommend Red Bull energy drink to children”. Other leading manufacturers, including V, Mother and Monster, openly agree. The problem is, their self-regulation isn’t working. While teens are restricted from purchasing alcohol or tobacco, energy drinks are a free-for-all.

We’ve heard from teens who are guzzling energy drinks daily to support late night study habits, party for longer and even as a ‘legal’ high. With the year 12 HSC exams underway and schoolies just around corner, these products are hugely concerning for parents.

What’s even more concerning is the horror stories we’re hearing from the experts.

One doctor has seen teens cause irreversible heart damage as a result of energy drink overconsumption. Another is regularly faced with the serious consequences of teen insomnia, including inability to focus in class, as a direct result of energy drink dependence. Another simply refers to them as “brain chemistry Molotov cocktails”.

Researchers agree that the warnings on energy drinks exist for a reason and must be enforced. 

The sale of energy drinks to under-18s must be restricted before another child becomes a statistic.

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  • Minister for Health
    The Hon Peter Dutton MP
  • Australian Local Government Association
    Councillor Bill McArthur
  • WA Minister for Agriculture and Food
    The Hon Ken Baston MLC
  • WA Minister for Health
    The Hon Dr Kim Hames MLA
  • VIC Minister for Agriculture and Food Security
    The Hon Peter Walsh MP
  • VIC Minister for Health
    The Hon David Davis MLC
  • TAS Minister for Health
    The Hon Michelle O'Byrne MP
  • SA Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries
    The Hon Gail Gago MLA
  • SA Minister for Health and Ageing
    The Hon Jack Snelling MP
  • QLD Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
    The Hon John McVeigh MP
  • QLD Minister for Health
    The Hon Lawrence Springborg MP
  • NT Minister for Health
    The Hon Robyn Lambley MLA
  • NSW Minister for Health
    The Hon Jillian Skinner MP
  • NSW Minister for Primary Industries
    The Hon Katrina Hodgkinson MP
  • ACT Minister for Health
    Ms Katy Gallagher MLA
  • NZ Minister for Food Safety
    The Hon Nikki Kaye MP

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