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Ban the page #KarutthuKannammaa. Stop Abuse and Lewdity.. whether to a Man/Woman.

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This page and the people in it are spreading HATRED against men.. They ABUSE and INSULT every person who opposes their view, calling them names and disrespecting them in every way. Every reply of theirs will have a line like, " TWART / FUCK / JERK / LOATH / DUMFUCK.. " and more abusive words to every person irrespective of whether he talks genuinely or politely. They DELETE all the ABUSIVE MESSAGES later on so that nobody knows.

They make memes in the name of feminism.. and use FOUL LANGUAGE to put forth their views. The page is full of MYSANDRY, SEXISM, CHAUVINISM, and everything that should NEVER be put into the minds of TEENAGERS.

They are NOT FUNNY, they have no point to make. They do not even address any actual issues faced by women. They just BLINDLY spread hatred against men, calling them "MALE CHAUVINISTIC PIGS", "MISOGYNSTS", "HYPOCRITES", addressing ALL MEN in general.. ARE YOU KIDDING ME ?? 

KIDS are using facebook nowadays.. they are watching all this.. imagine the hatred and IMMORALE that will be instilled in their minds.. imagine the IMPACT on the society.. yet they casually use abusive language left and right.

They even ABUSE WOMEN who speak against them calling them "OVERSEXUAL" and other FILTHY TERMS, just because they don't agree with them.

This page needs to be STOPPED. Every ideal has a PROPER WAY to be put forth.. abuse and insult is not the way. I've spoken to them, and tried to correct them many times.. but they won't listen.. they are arrogant with their words, dominant and demoralizing. 

Kindly spread this message, and help to STOP THIS ABUSE. Even verbal abuse is MOLESTATION, be it a man or a woman.

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