Ban the one-time use of plastic and mandatory three-way waste-segregation across India

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The one-time use of plastic (such as plastic bags and utensils) have a catastrophic impact on our environment. It leads to accumulation of waste in water bodies landfills-which itself causes problems such as health issues and deformities-to name a couple. 

Waste should be segregated into the following categories:

1. Dry/ Recyclable waste: Includes plastic, paper, metal, glass, and other recyclables

2. Wet/Organic waste: Anything biodegradable, such as kitchen waste

3. Reject Waste: Waste that doesn't fit into either of the first two categories, such as diapers, sanitary napkins, etc. 

Waste segregation helps reduce the amount of trash sent into the landfill by almost 90%. Hence, it can also be a long-term solution to the problems caused by the usage of one-time plastic 

By banning one-time use of plastic and implementing waste segregation throughout the nation, we can make progress towards a brighter future!