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Our Cove Guardian-Ric O'Barry !

Titas Saha

Jun 12, 2013 — Richard O'Barry has worked both sides of the dolphin street, the first 10 years with the dolphin captivity industry, the past 38 against it. When Kathy, the dolphin who played Flipper most of the time, died in his arms, OʼBarry realized that capturing dolphins and training them to perform silly tricks is simply wrong.

O'Barry has rescued and released more than 25 captive dolphins.
In 1991 OʼBarry received the 'Environmental Achievement Award'.

His book 'Behind the Dolphin Smile' was published in 1989, a second book, 'To Free A Dolphin' was published in September 2000.

O’Barry features in Academy Award winning documentary film The Cove, which investigates links between the killing, capture, trade and display of dolphins all over the world.
He says ,"Dolphins are free-ranging, intelligent, and complex wild animals, and they belong in the oceans, not playing the clown in our human schemes."