Petition Update

Dolphin Killing Methods Currently used in Taiji,Japan.

Titas Saha

Jun 11, 2013 — The Taiji Fishing Cooperative in Japan has published the details of a new killing method that involves cutting (transecting) the spinal cord and purports to reduce time to death. The method involves the repeated insertion of a metal rod followed by the plugging of the wound to prevent blood loss into the water.
The method induces paraplegia (paralysis of the body) and death through trauma and gradual blood loss.
It is estimated that each year within Japanese waters up to 22,000 small
whales, dolphins, and porpoises (known collectively as “small cetaceans”) are killed
in hunts that involve a range of techniques. Most of these small cetaceans are killed in
a direct hunt for Dall’s porpoises, but others are taken in a particular category of hunt
known as “drive hunts” or the drive fishery (Kasuya, 2007; National Research
Institute of Far Seas Fisheries, 2009).