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Ban the Deed not the Breed!

The breed is not at fault. Who is at fault is the "humans" who make the animal the way it is. No animal is "born" bad they are "raised" bad, It does not matter which breed BSL decieds to ban, there will always be an ignorant person out there that will just find another breed to train and give a bad reputation. More people are killed in the United states every year by Cigaretts and car accidents than by pit bull or dog attacks. So which one do you think should be banned? How can you tell me that taking an animal, that has done nothing wrong in its entire life that has been trained properly and may even be a therepy dog, from its loving home and putting it to sleep for eternity make something just? If you believe that these loving animals are the rout of evil and need to be destroyed you need to take a step back and take another look these so called "humans" or "monsters" as i call them are the reason that certain breeds are getting such negative attention. The media has played up a certain breed to make them seem vicious for a good story and like idiots people believe them! What needs to be banned are the monsters or humans as you call them that train the breed to fight to the death so they can put a few extra dollars in their pocket. Dogs are loving and respectful creatures that just want to please us and will do anything including fight to the death in a ring you set for them if thats what they think will make us happy. Thats not the dogs faught the humans are to blaim and i believe every breed no matter their size, color, shape, or form needs someone to speak up for them! Please don't forget the Nazi's they took one "race" and "banned" them and murdered countless people for no reason. Is this deed any better than they are? If so I would love for someone to show me.

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