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Ban the Captivity of Wildlife Animals UK

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This petition is to make sure all wildlife animals within the United Kingdom are set free back into their natural environment.

Lions, Apes, Giraffes, Zebras, Rhinos, Bears, Sea Lions, Wolfs, Sharks, Stingrays…

These are just a small amount of wildlife animals throughout the UK that spend 24 hours, 7 days a week of their lives fenced off, stuck behind enclosures and in tanks.

If a colleague at one of these “amusement” parks makes a mistake, and one of these innocent animals escape because of that, they are tranquilized and forced back in to their enclosures…or they are killed.

Animals that are supposed to be thriving in the wilderness, in their homes, like all living creatures. Captured, separated from their families and placed in these enclosures? Spending the rest of their lives in there, some even spending their entire lives in there. 

Just so people can pay to visit them, so they can place their hands on the glass enclosure they sit behind.

Imagine if your pet or a member of your family was taken from you without permission and put on display like it was nothing.

What I’m trying to say is…Wildlife animals are not supposed to be locked behind enclourers. But home, thriving in their environmets like they were intended to. 


"Do you ever see animals pacing in zoos? They pace back and forth as a way of coping with the stress of captivity. Due to stress, captive wildlife breed poorly, which is why it is hard to maintain population levels in zoos and also why zoos are bad because the wildlife are usually imported from the wild."

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