Ban the bouncy ball! We urge the ACCC to review its mandatory safety standards for toys.

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Bouncy balls are often given as party favours, prizes and gifts to children of all ages; from toddlers to primary-school students.

Earlier this year, the tragic death of Alby Fox Davis was felt by many across Australia. The ball he choked on had a diameter greater than a 50c coin. Alby was days from turning four years old.

In the ACCC's most recent review of its standards, published before Alby's passing, it cited four toy-related deaths since 2011. Three of those deaths were from choking. Two of those three children were six years old. 

Choking is not only a hazard for children under 36 months of age.

So considering that children have died after choking on toys, including a bouncy ball, in recent years, why are these dangerous products still allowed to be imported and sold in Australia?

Please join me in petitioning the ACCC in banning the import and sale of bouncy balls here, and updating its Mandatory Standards.

The ACCC's consultation period for this matter is currently closed, prompting this petition.

Let's keep our kids safe.

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