Ban The Bag From Walmart

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I believe we should ban the plastic bag. And I would like it to start at Walmart. Walmart is a big corporation and grocery store in many communities. If we could get them to lose this harmful product, it could change the world. Lets explore why Walmart should ban the plastic bag. 

The first reason why Walmart should ban the bag is because how many are used. A family will use sixty plastic bags in only four shopping trips. That means a family uses about 1500 plastic bags a year. That is an excessive amount. Over one trillion plastic bags are used every year all around the country.

The second reason why Walmart  should ban the bag is the animals and the people they harm. Scientist estimate that every square mile of the ocean 46,000 pieces of plastic bags are there. Do you know how much plastic that is? And over a million plastic bags end up in bays.  I know you might be thinking, why would animals try to eat those bags, or go near them? Well when plastic is engulfed in water it starts to disintegrate. It one day becomes very small pieces. Fishes think those pieces are plankton so they eat them . And turtles think they are jellyfish so they eat them.  When those animals eat the plastic they will die slowly and very painfully. Being killed like that after doing nothing to hurt the bags.  They might also eat the plastic bags if they get trapped in them. They might try to eat there way out and end up killing themselves. Also most people do reuse plastic bags, but if they are not washed after a few uses they can make people very sick.

The third reason why Walmart should ban the bag is how they affect the ecosystem. Plastic bags contribute to the greenhouse gas emission. The greenhouse gas emission that causes global warming. Global warming that is destroying our ecosystems. Plastics bags are a cause of that. Plastic bags aren't the only cause, but a cause of our earth being destroyed. Plastic bags also pollute air, water, and land. We talked about how it affects air and water, but we did not talk about how it affects land. They affect our landfill. The place where our trash goes. It is estimated that almost 50% of the landfills is filled with plastic bags since we use so many. That’s causing landfills to overfill and have no place for trash. When the bags get to the landfills it takes one thousand years to fully disintegrate.

The fourth reason why Walmart should ban the bag is what it is made of. To make plastic bags for an entire year it takes twelve million barrels of oil. Twelve million barrels of oil that can go to many other uses. Many better uses of our materials.  Plastic bags also contain loads of petroleum. The amount of petroleum used in one plastic bag could drive a car for one hundred fifteen meters. It would take only fourteen bags to drive for a mile.

People may say that paper bags take more materials then plastic bags, but paper bags are actually recyclable. When plastic bags are taken to the recycling facility and put into the sorting machine they jam it. They get stuck in the conveyor belt and put the system on a red light. Paper bags on the other hand go right through and recycle. Also plastic bags never become a substance other then plastic, meaning even after being broken down it is still a danger to the earth. A danger to everyone.



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