Ban single use produce bags from stores around Australia

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Our plastic bag consumption has gotten out of hand. Around the world, enough plastic is thrown away each year to circle the Earth four times with devastating consequences to the environment, in particular, marine life. With the recent ban of single use plastic bags, I have noticed the amount of produce bags we go through each year is disastrous. Australian consumers use 3.92 BILLION (yes, billion) plastic bags each year. Plastic recycling has come a long way. It can be recycled into clothing, oil and even homes. But most plastic bags end up in landfill where they release greenhouse gases and methane, however, too many bags aren’t even making it this far. Plastic bags are lightweight and when they are picked up wind, they travel vast distances, usually ending up in oceans and waterways. Many sea animals may mistake these bags for food (jellyfish) and once eaten, plastic can result in dangerous types of cancer. We need to take a stand and ban single use plastic produce bags.