Ban Single-Use Plastic in Vancouver

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Plastic pollution is an escalating problem with global, catastrophic implications.

Plastic recycling programs fall far short of providing a long-term solution to reducing the amount of plastic waste entering the environment each day.

Market demand for non-plastic or bio-degradable plastic alternatives is not materializing, and businesses have no incentive to adopt plastic alternatives because the cost is usually higher.

I believe Vancouver can become a global leader in mitigating plastic pollution. 

Vancouver is already well-known for being a "green city". By taking a decisive stand on eliminating harmful single-use plastics such as plastic grocery bags, plastic coffee lids and stir sticks, Vancouver can be a global leader in environmental policy.

The change needs to be enacted by policymakers and legislators, which is why this petition is aimed directly at those who have the power to influence the law.

If you're concerned about plastic pollution and believe in creating a truly authentic "green city" for future generations please support this petition!