Ban Single Use Plastic Bags and Straws in Key Biscayne

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1% of Americans recycle their single-use plastic products yet 100 billion plastic bags are used annually and 500 million single-use plastic straws are used daily.


Think about it,

Plastic is a “commodity” we have gotten used to that has turned into a habitual use for us.

When we order a water, it comes with a straw. When we order any other sort of drink, guess what! It also comes with a straw. Then, we go to the grocery store. Guess where we place our purchased items? Yup, in a plastic bag. 

Now, have you ever wondered if the restaurants recycle your single use straws? Or have you ever recycled your own grocery bags? Most importantly have you ever wondered where all of these single-use plastic objects end up? We know, and the answer isn't a pretty one!

1.4 billion pounds of trash are dumped in the ocean annually and 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic are already inside our oceans!
This imposes a big risk for animals because they get trapped in our plastic bags, they often confuse our used straws for food, and they ingest many of these broken micro-plastic fragments drifting through the water. This harms many animals but what a lot of us don’t realize is that this also harms us.

 Thankfully we are in an era where many “green” movements have formed, inventions of biodegradable plastic bags, offering only paper bags, providing paper and steel straws… but unfortunately IT IS NOT ENOUGH! Coming back to commodities, many of us forget to ask for paper bags and keep contributing to plastic waste, many of us forget to tell waiters “without a straw” because it is a habit we have developed in years of living a single-use plastic lifestyle. Apart from instilling consciousness in ourselves to make a change, we need our community to make a change. We need to ban single-use plastic products and end this before our ocean becomes plastic.

We are leaders in saving our planet and taking initiative to save our planet, but we need help from other leaders in our community, city, commerce, and leaders with a power that can make the significant change we need done.