Ban Single Use Disposable Plastic all across India

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Although plastic was a great durable alternative to the many things we took from nature, the lifestyle and waste management of the human race has turned plastic to bane.

Recent reports suggest the presence of plastic from hills to oceans. A plastic bag was found at the Mariana Trench, while the Himalayas and the Alps have plastic waste too.

On my humble request, the Environment Minister of Maharashtra Ramdas Kadam imposed a ban on single use disposable plastic- cups, bags, straws, cutlery Etc. The impact can be seen. One less bag, one less straw of plastic used by us, is one less piece of non biodegradable waste going into the ocean.

Although in India 19 States have imposed such a ban, only a few implement it seriously.

It’s time that India as a country imposes a ban on the production, sale and consumption of Single Use Disposable Plastic