Ban single-use bags (plastic and compostable) at New Zealand's largest retailers.

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*EDIT* Scroll to the bottom for the Chief Experience Officer's response.

Ministry for the Environment has spoken on the issue:

FoodStuffs has spoken on the issue:

A very informative video about what compostable means:

One of New Zealand's largest retailers has announced they are banning plastic bags and changing to compostable bags. The production and transport of this new compostable bag still requires resources for the product to be used for all of one minute.

The ban of single use bags needs to be considered as an option. If large supermarkets in New Zealand can ban single use bags and encourage their customers to bring/buy reusable bags then why cant one of the biggest retailers in New Zealand?

This petition is to signify that consumers are willing to adapt their lifestyles away from the single-use of a product to a product that can be reused multiple times. The best step we can take is to refuse and then reuse, with more effective disposal methods (e.g. changing to compostable bags) as the last option.

Response from Chief Experience Officer:

"Moving to plant-based bags is part of our commitment to the community and environment. We carefully considered the options and we see this as a WIN WIN WIN – we are minimizing our impact on the environment, we are continuing to help the community through donating the net proceeds to charity, and we are still offering our customers the option of a bag.

We did a customer survey late last year and 69% preferred some type of bag, with compostable bags being the most popular (65% of those preferring some type of bag).

Customers are very welcome to bring their own bags and as there is more awareness and change in behavior (also due to the price increase to 15c), we expect to reduce our compostable bag use as well."