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Ban Shark Fins in Ottawa

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Hundreds of millions of sharks are finned annually, yet less than 5 people are killed by sharks per year. Shark Finning is a process which occurs when fishermen slice off the sharks' fins while it is still alive. Once the shark has been finned, it is thrown back into the water finless, but still alive. The shark will then die from either suffocation (because in order for a shark to breathe it needs to be swimming) or it will be eaten alive as it sinks to the depths of the ocean floor. The shark fins are then sold in markets all over the world as an Asian delicacy. The fins are tasteless and each bowl can easily cost up to $100. Even though the act of finning is illegal, it still occurs worldwide.


Fishermen will typically use long-lines, which can easily be a few kilometres in length, allowing other innocent animals to get tangled in the lines. Since this act of illegal fishing occurs in international waters, it is easy for people to turn a blind eye. The media has always put sharks in a negative light, referring to them as "man eaters". The truth is you are more likely to be struck by lightning or die in a car accident then by a shark. The act of shark fining is an inhumane and wasteful tradition. It is our responsibility as a society to protect and conserve sharks; banning the sale and consumption of fins. Ottawa has the opportunity to set an example for other cities in supporting the ban of shark fins. We ask for your action in continuing this movement. By signing this petition you are helping to put an end to the unnecessary murder of sharks, and other marine animals.

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