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Ban SATs in England for Year 6 pupils

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As you probably know, SATs are tests taken by Year 6 pupils in England. They are mandatory yet can stress pupils out and take them away from doing more engaging, creative and nurturing activities. Instead of this, they do monotonous revising for equally boring tests that drain them of their creativity. On top of that, SATs have gotten harder with the new curriculum. Here are some statistics and facts that back up my claim:

  1. In a survey of 10,000 parents in 2009, 85% disagreed that the current system of Key Stage 2 tests should continue (NAHT).
  2. Not only are there concerns about the level of marker accuracy, with up to 25% of children potentially receiving the wrong grade, the tests can only ever assess a limited range of a child’s skills and knowledge in a subject (King’s College, London). 
  3. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland do not use SATs. The other countries of the UK have recognised that children do just as well, if not better, than children in England without a national high-stakes testing system.

  4. SATs are not a cost effective way of securing accountability. The current testing system is estimated to cost £20million per year (Cambridge Primary Review). That figure does not include the time and effort pupils, teachers and parents put in to preparing for them. That funding would be better used to support genuine teaching and learning

So please, help us out, and get rid of SATs in England!

Rose Griffin, UK



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