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Good will prevail!

SCUBA Film Factory

Sep 4, 2013 — Dear friends:
Thank you for supporting this petition. The good news is that many people and organizations are fighting this inhumane practice. The state of CA passed ban on shark fins and despite the push from culturally diversified communities, the court refused to block it. It is great news!
There are many petitions online and you can support them here:

Please find a few minutes to sign these petitions - we are fighting for very good cause.

Another good news - shark fins consumption by "major sharks enemies" - Chinese is declining:

My best wishes,
Oleg Finodeyev

Stop Shark Finning Petitions
Stop Shark Finning Petitions
Please sign these internet petitions to protect sharks and demand a ban on shark finning. Please also share them with your contacts on social media platforms. Get in touch if you know of any more! Added August 6th 2013: Tell Reunion Island not to cull sharks! Sign here. Also this petition.