Ban requirement for branded school uniform

Ban requirement for branded school uniform

17 August 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Katy Steward

Currently there is an increased number of state schools who require branded school uniform at both secondary and primary school levels. Due to this, it is causing a significant financial burden to most families.

Costs can include:

School logo blazer (average £50)

School logo jumper (average £30)

School logo skirt or trousers (£30)

School logo socks (£10)

School logo PE kit (£50)

Some parents have reported paying up to £400 for uniform this year, despite there being a law that requires schools to make uniforms affordable. This law still does not prevent companies having the monopoly on school branded uniform and therefore making large profits in a time where parents do not have the money to pay.

This is not a petition to ban school uniform, as that is a separate argument.

However, despite the government requiring schools to make uniforms affordable, schools can only support disadvantaged families. Whereas most parents do not meet the requirements of getting financial support, and cannot afford these banded prices, where it can be less than half the price at supermarkets to get a generic version without the school logo.

Schools have an increased focus on branding, and that is their prerogative, however that should not be to the detriment to working families who are feeling the pinch.

If this petition is successful it could save parents 100's of pounds, which is needed in this climate.

Please support families in ensuring they are not being forced to pay to a monopoly business with the school logo when they could buy similar items for a fraction of the cost on a competitive market.

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Signatures: 103Next Goal: 200
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