Ban Private Helicopter Use in Residential Auckland

Ban Private Helicopter Use in Residential Auckland

1,974 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!

Why this petition matters

We petition Auckland Council to  

  • Decline all private helicopter resource consent applications in residential areas
  • Declare private helicopter movements a prohibited activity in residential areas 

Why is this important?

  • Private helicopters bring excessive noise and rotor wash, impact users of coastal beaches and reserves, ruin habitat for coastal birds (many of which are threatened or at risk) and have a disproportionate carbon impact  
  • Private helicopters destroy public amenity and the environment in order to provide minor convenience to a few individuals[1] 
  • Urban intensification will see Auckland more densely occupied.  Protecting quiet and natural spaces is vital to a sustainable and liveable city
  • Applications for helipads are increasing across the region and particularly for residential properties on the Waitematā Harbour, potentially turning our precious harbour into an aerial motorway 
  • Once helicopter landing rights are granted, they are there forever, permanently destroying peaceful skies and biodiverse habitats with no way back.  They simply must not be granted
  • Auckland City's current policy under the Unitary Plan is to “prevent significant noise-generating activities … from establishing in residential areas” 
  • We also have a Climate Plan that urges us to change our modes of transport for a more sustainable city. Our rates bill now includes a climate action levy to fund carbon emissions reduction and climate change adaptation 
  • Private helicopter commuting in residential zones of the city directly contradicts both noise and sustainability objectives 

We, the undersigned, support Quiet Sky Waitematā and urge Auckland Council: 

  • Take urgent action to implement its own policies 
  • Prevent helicopters from establishing in residential areas 
  • Make private helicopter use a prohibited activity in residential zones

[1] We do support the use of rescue and police helicopters for public benefit  


1,974 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!