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Ban Polystyrene in Dublin California

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Polystyrene, more commonly known as styrofoam is a common material used all over the world. Although there are positives to using it, the are more negatives. As more people are becoming aware of this, some cities have taken the next best step forward by banning it, such as the cities of Pleasanton and Livermore in California.  Polystyrene has been known to cause irritation of the skin and eyes, depression, headaches, and fatigue and has effects on the gastrointestinal system and the kidney function. Not only does it make a negative effect on the body, but it also harms the environment. Styrofoam is rarely recycled, so a lot of it will end up in landfills, polluting our Earth or in the oceans, harming and killing marine life. And polystyrene does not biodegrade easily, it takes more than a million years to decompose. So please take action by signing this petition to make a difference in the world.  You are helping to save planet Earth!

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