Ban plastic sachets to protect our oceans and marine life. #let'sCleanTheMarine

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Reckless consumption of single-use plastic has already ruined our oceans and the marine ecosystem. It is high time that we stop investing in single use plastic and go organic. The new launch of Spinz perfume sachets has been a cause of concern for me as it claims to provide a variety of fragrances in just 3rs per sachet, in an attempt to attract different customer segments. If this product gets successful, other companies will also launch such products and will further add to the plastic waste. And not just this one product, there are so many cosmetic and non cosmetic products in the market that are easily available to us in handy sachets but needs to be banned as it is plausible to live without them but not without a balanced ecosystem.

I strongly believe that it should be banned as this will further add to the plastic waste which in itself is the biggest problem the world is dealing with. Plastic can last for upto 500 years and have we already turned our oceans into a hell where animals are dying strangled in the plastic products. They accidentally ingests plastic thinking it's edible and die of starvation as the plastic can't be digested and hence they are not able to eat with stomach full of plastic. 

It would be appreciated if big and leading companies comes up with sustainable marketing strategies and becomes aware of their responsibility towards the environment. Also,not only this one particular company,  banning sachets of all the other products can help in combating with plastic monster.We as an individual also need to look into our lifestyle and make the necessary changes for a better tomorrow.

Note - This petition is not an allegation on Spinz manufacturing company (CavenKare) but just an attempt to  throw some light on the outcomes  such high rate of plastic consumption in the society and bring a change.