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Narragansett Bay, our beaches, and our ocean coast are Rhode Island's most treasured places - but they are in danger from the looming threat of disposable plastic checkout bags.

Once they get into the marine environment, plastic bags kill animals like birds, sea turtles, and whales. Fish and filter feeders such as quahogs are also vulnerable to toxic substances carried on plastic fragments. 

Nothing we use for just five minutes should fill our waterways with trash and threaten the wildlife we treasure and depend on. Sign this petition to support a plastic bag ban in Providence, RI.

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City of Providence Providence City Council Members
Plastic trash doesn't just litter our streets and yards, but also the Ocean State's most treasured natural places, posing a direct threat to Narragansett Bay, the coastal environment, and freshwater lakes and ponds. Too much of this trash comes from single-use plastic checkout bags. These bags harm wildlife that mistakenly ingest them––and because plastic never biodegrades, it is accumulating in our waterways and could remain there for hundreds of years or longer.

We can't let something as unnecessary as disposable grocery bags litter places like Providence and pollute Narragansett Bay—but unfortunately, Rhode Island uses hundreds of millions of these bags every year. Nothing we use for a few minutes should pollute Rhode Island and Narragansett Bay for future generations. We support banning single use plastic checkout bags both in the City of Providence and statewide in Rhode Island.

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