Ban Plastic

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Hi! I'm a passionate environmentalist and for those of you who do not know, global warming is real and is furthering at a rapid pace. The Earth is going to die in 10 to 12 years because of the horrendous temperatures. Global warming is not just about the heat in the summers, it's about the cold in the winters as well. It is extremely chilly which wouldnt usually be the case. And it is extremely, burn-to-a-crisp, hot. 

All of this is because we, humans, will not give up our selfish needs. Mainly plastic. Plastic is dumped in the oceans and the oceans are responsible for producing 70% of our oxygen!  

I urge all of you to sign this petition. I, on my part, am doing all I can but I urge you all to do the same. Care enough. Stop using plastic. I understand that you cannot completely banish plastic from your lifestyle but there are better and reusable and recyclable options which do not cost much and are available easily in Pakistan. I am a student and I should not be worrying about whether I, and the others, will live to see our futures through. Our studies and struggles will have been for nothing. So help me.