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Ban pitbulls in Florida

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Pit bulls account for large number of attacks on people and animals. In 2009 alone they accounted for over 19% of the bites. They don't just bite they kill!! They kill your family members and your pets.They have a bite force of 235 pounds of pressure and they have what’s called a grab and hold meaning they grab a hold of their prey and are reluctant to let go even after the prey has expired. 

They are hard wired for this behavior they were bred to grip dogs, hogs and cattle so explain to me again why they are allowed in our communities. 

Why would you want a dog that right on Pinellas County Animal Shelter website it tells you to not leave it alone with another dog? Is that not a red flag and how about leaving alone with your child?

Did you know that your pet is only considered to be personal property?

That pet you loved for so long has no rights. I say we not only ban these aggressive breeds but we also get our beloved pets more rights should they be hurt or killed.

On 11/3 our Yorkie who was 8 years old was killed by a pit bull mix. The neighbor failed to fix the fence and holes this dog created over and over again and on that horrible evening she lost her life when the dog broke the fence and grabbed her. This is a type of dog that would ram the fence over and over. The dog grabbed her broke her neck, caused severe head neck and jaw injuries and then it took her and laid her up by their back door like a trophy. We had to clean her up and say goodbye to our best friend because the negligence of someone else.

The dog was put down and no longer is a threat!!! But there are many more out there that are and it's not safe to have your kid or animal around them.

Why is it that we can't live in our home or walk our streets and not be in fear of a large aggressive breed dog attacking us, our family and our dogs?

I challenge you to look up Dog bites and see what you find. I challenge you to look up deaths by pit bulls there were 30 victims with a fave and a name listed on this webpage and that’s not even all of them 


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