Ban Parrot Fish Save Jamaica’s Coastline

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Ban the fishing sale & purchase of Parrot Fish to protect our coastline’s natural caretaker. 

Coral reefs provide a buffer protecting Jamaica’s coastline from waves, storms, floods & erosion. The erosion at Hellshire beach in St. Catherine will happen islandwide unless we act now. 

Parrot Fish eat plants called algae that live in coral reefs. A single Parrot Fish can create 200 pounds of sand per year chewing coral to get algae. Studies show when the fish can’t feed along the reef the coral is smothered to death by the overgrowth of algae.

Tourism is vital to Jamaica’s economy. If Parrot Fish aren’t protected erosion will continue along the coastline & the pristine white sand beaches will no longer exist & the sea will destroy properties & lives. 

This is a call to action for Jamaicans home & abroad, public officials, environmental agencies & tourists to petition the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture & Fisheries to #BanParrotFish for a safer more beautiful Jamaica.