Ban Parking Outside Tesco Express, Painswick Road, Gloucester

Ban Parking Outside Tesco Express, Painswick Road, Gloucester

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Why this petition matters

Started by Graham Carter

We have lived in the Abbeydale Gloucester area for 10 years now and appreciate the convenience of a local Tesco Express a stones throw away.

However, because of the small Tesco Express car park, customers of both the store and cash machine, park on the road outside the store, frequently so in rush hour!

For many many years, this causes tailbacks for locals like ourselves, waiting to pass the parked cars, vans, trucks, taxis etc as traffic during rush hour is heavy both on the other side of the road, coming out of the opposite fuel station and the store car park itself.

On several occasions, this causes huge queues on Painswick road for vehicles unable to pass the parked vehicles and on several occasions especially during the school start time, have been delayed for over 10 minutes.

The most urgent and dangerous issue with this selfish parking, is both vehicles and pedestrians exiting the Tesco Express Car park,  are completely blinded to cars overtaking the parked vehicles!

Am extremely surprised that a serious accident has not occurred yet!

To remedy this, we would urgently request that Double Yellow lines and perhaps even a sign strictly prohibiting parking outside this Tesco Express store is put in place by Gloucester City Council 

I will also be contacting:

Richard Graham, who is the Conservative MP for Gloucester City to petition the council to make these changes.









21 have signed. Let’s get to 25!