Ban Outdoor Balloon Releases in New Jersey to Protect Wildlife, Now!

Ban Outdoor Balloon Releases in New Jersey to Protect Wildlife, Now!

June 25, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Clean Ocean Action

Balloons are pretty, festive, and fun, but when released outdoors (intentionally or not) they can become hazardous and even lethal -- more so if they are filled with helium and become airborne. They drift for a short time but, ultimately, fall from the sky, littering the land, waterways, and the ocean.

Marine balloon litter is a well-documented and growing problem worldwide. Consider that mylar and latex balloons:

  • Pose one of the greatest risks to marine life through ingestion, when animals mistake them for food, or from entanglement by balloons’ ribbons and strings.
  • Get entangled on electric powerlines, causing outages and posing serious risks to workers who must remove them.

Moreover, on Earth, helium is a rare gas element that is critical in the fields of science, medicine, high-tech manufacturing, space exploration, and national defense. Wasting it on frivolous uses, such as for balloons, should be avoided. 

What can be done?
Though awareness is growing, state and national laws are needed due to the vast distances drifting balloons can travel, as evidenced by balloons found on beaches from inland states. In New Jersey, a comprehensive law that would ban intentional balloon releases and prohibit unattended tethered balloons outdoors is needed to stop litter from balloons and other floating devices. Such a law would serve as a national model.

Take action for a strong New Jersey law!
In signing this petition, I support a law in New Jersey that:

  • prohibits the outdoor release of balloons and other similar floating devices;
  • prohibits the unattended tethering of such devices outdoors;
  • requires retailers of balloons or other floating devices to display and maintain a conspicuous sign educating consumers of the dangers of balloons to wildlife and electrical lines.
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Signatures: 22,200Next Goal: 25,000
Support now