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End the cruel practice of orangutan boxing at Safari World in Thailand. Orangutans are forced to kickbox in front of crowds. The apes are dressed in shorts and boxing gloves. The fights go on for 30 minutes and then the orangutans are sent back to their cages. Orangutans weigh 250 lbs. and could easily hurt one another in these fights. They also may end up hurting an animal trainer. This is not entertainment, it is animal cruelty. Orangutans are endangered animals, and they belong in the wild, not in the boxing ring.


Photo Credit: Rennet Stowe

Letter to
COPY: Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Thailand His Excellency H.E. Kasit Piromya
Department of Forestry Police Police Major General Sawake Pinsinchai
and 1 other
Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment H.E. Khun Suwit Khunkitti
I am writing to ask you for a permanent ban of orangutan boxing at Safari World in Thailand. These endangered animals are subjected to cruel treatment and could be injured in these fights. A male orangutan weighs 250 lbs. and while the fighting may be for entertainment, an orangutan could injure or kill another ape or even a human trainer. Orangutans are wild animals, they don't belong on stage.

Thailand banned orangutan boxing from Safari World in 2004, and 48 animals were sent back to Indonesia. I am asking you to make a similar decision this time. This orangutan kickboxing is animal cruelty and may be dangerous for human animal handlers as well.

As you know, orangutans are not native to Thailand. The orangutans at Safari World were likely smuggled illegally. I am asking for stricter enforcement on illegal wildlife smuggling into Thailand, as well as a ban on orangutan boxing.

Thank you.
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