Ban on Uber Surge pricing in Hyderabad

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Major problem problems with the current ube is Surge pricing. If it’s traffic jam or bad weather or peak hour surge price kicks. Sometimes they increase price just like that saying increase in demand. 

They claim surge pricing is for the customer’s benefit, to ensure that they have cabs. They claims surge pricing attracts more drivers during peak hours.

I had to pay surge pricing Many afternoon and clearly not peak hour timings.

Sign my petition to stop this rampant looting!

Surge pricing money does not necessarily go to the drivers. In many cities, it goes straight into Uber’s pocket as claimed by many drivers

Uber provides peak-hour incentives to its drivers to lure them away from Ola. Uber then makes this money back by overcharging its customers 3x, 4x and even 7x times the cab fare.

Uber is a great convenience and has transformed how we travel. But they have to stop taking advantage of customers who rely on them.

in many states government got ban on Uber. It’s high time folks let’s fignt back on them who are looting us. 

Sign my petition and share it with all your friends and family who use Uber. If we all speak up together, we can get Uber to respond and regulate their surge pricing.