Ban on Nepotism supported Production Houses

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After the sad demise of our smart and talented  people’s actor Sushant Singh Rajput , I wish to  submit a petition on behalf of all his people, and his fans to ban on all big production houses who have never appreciated the real talent . 

Sushant didn’t die of suicide , he was pressurized by our media and these so called Bollywood Mafia. So why not call it a cold- blooded silent murder. 

Sushant had no limitation when it comes to Determination, Hard work , Fame or Money. 
so what is that one thing that was missing in his life . When we see all his video that are circulating around the web; one thing can be said for sure that , he had courage to walk alone , and didn’t need the support of Godfather or Godmother to show his talent and to succeed in life. 

Being an introvert or shy person , is not a mental state and neither a factor for not succeeding in life . Many of us are successful, even after being an introvert. 

These production houses always said that he was different with his talent and love for physics ; which indeed he was . So was that the only reason to sideline a person. 

But even after being so much interested in physics , he still manage to pursue his career in acting and become ‘A Star’ in no time.

I guess  the indifference that our media and production houses are trying to tell us ; that he was different because he came from a small place/town and rose from dancing at the backstage to becoming a ⭐️ . It was obvious that this is not an acceptable factor for all ‘Bollywood Mafia’. If every talented small town actor becomes the star, than how will they introduce their less talented kids in the industry . 

Why will they want to give the audience, an option to choose one on other , So what is the best way to kill the dreams of all talented actors that have not so famous parents ; Sideline them , Support Nepotism , Ban them and than give False stories in the media or just don’t mention about them . 

Our media never fails to cover ; that the deceased parents are upset and crying; which is little unusual for our media people, as their parents want do such things . Malaika Arora spotted on her new working outfit ; but they failed to give us the report or information on actors work life. 

We, the audience make these actors stars . We have the power to make them big or put them down. If we keep quite , these Bollywood Mafia will misuse our power and will continue to give rise to “ Bollywood Mafia and Nepotism” . 

This is about time , we all put our hands together and fight against “ Bollywood Mafia and Nepotism” and give justice to our people’s  actor Sushant and all those talented actors who are victim of these Mafia. 

If we don’t raise our voice today , than we will end up losing many more Sushant Singh everyday .

Through this petition we will register a case to put a ban on Dharma Productions, Yash Raj Films, Balaji Motion Pictures, Salman Khan Films, Sajid Nadiadwala, T Series and Dinesh Vijan and off course Koffee with Karan show . 
They didn’t want our Sushant Singh Rajput , than we don’t want them . 
You will always remain alive for us #SushantSinghRajput