Ban Oliver Frazer (MAFS contestant) from only fans!!!

Ban Oliver Frazer (MAFS contestant) from only fans!!!

7 June 2022
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Started by Catherine Walker



As Australia watched a bully in action for weeks upon weeks the biggest and most scandalous of her actions left the country with jaws on the floor !!!

Oliver Fraser S$%t shamed fellow contestant and all round amazing Queen Domenica Calarco through an image previously on her only fans profile leaked onto Red It

Now while Olivia did not obtain the photo from only fans she did obtain it and then used it to gossip , judge and bully

Olivia and Jackson both recorded on national T.V both saying its something they would never do, now words aside,  the very expressionful face of Olivia and Tamara showed nothing short of Disgust when the topic was ever raised , Olivia believing Dom put the photo out there for everyone to see 


WRONG it as shared on a CLOSED platform and leaked before finding its way into the queen bully herself hands.


Olivia has claimed since the show went to air that she continually apologised HOWEVER Australia saw a poor excuse for an apology at the dinner party followed by Olivia telling Australia she was disgusted in herself for apologising, we also repeating witnessed her saying she wasn't sorry "Dom put it out there"

Olivia and Jackson seem to have forgotten "it's not something I'd ever do" and have started only fans, attempting to cash in on the very platform she shamed others for using.


Olivia has also tried to clear her name claiming "I worked in a lingerie and sex toy store"

Please explain how working in a retail store selling product compares to only fans and intimate photos - Australia isn't buying it O.

You shamed and bullied and harassed and now think it's OK to cash in?


Whilst I'm a believer in second chances and apologies she has shown no actual remorse with every apology followed by a "but"


Please join me in showing only fans and their members Australia DOES NOT support s$%t shaming , bullies and hypocrits!!!

Only FANS please for all that is right remove and ban this couple from your platform,  Olivia has shared Dom's image, how can members safely assume she wouldn't do it to someone else now she has not only her own account but access to others.

Please don't support the very person who tore down a former Only fans queen and set an example to all your loyal members that this behaviour WILL NOT be supported


Olivia, you continued to shock Australia with your behaviour on the show, when Dom snapped you critiqued and made a joke of mental health and "the trauma card" , you sl$%t shamed and now here you are with mental health issues and on only fans


I wish you no ill will, I pray the trolls will stop HOWEVER there must be consequences for your behaviour and those consequences need to be a ban from Only FANS!!!

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Signatures: 81Next goal: 100
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