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Ban of zero hours contracts

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Zero hour contracts aren't a good way to live, you can struggle to make ends meet some months. I am bringing this petition up as I believe people shouldn't be used in this way as it isn't good for families who have children and/or a house to run, going without work for even just a couple of days can have drastic implications, local authority's who may have to subsidise people through certain benefits and HM Government with others.

 I believe a possible solution would be to outlaw zero hours contracts almost completely, the only people they realistically suit, are people who have already retired and would like some extra cash (this isn't ageism as people can retire at almost any age if they choose) and students as they can work around their studying schedule if they choose. To anybody else they create a worry with regards to finances, job security and job progression. There are many other solutions that could be explored which people could feel free to add in their comments if they sign this petition. 

I care about this subject as I am on a zero hour contract at a local authority and have seen my allocated hours go from being equivalent of a full time worker for four full months, to one or two shifts a week if I am lucky. This has been ongoing for a number of months and I have been pondering this petition, after speaking to others in this situation I've decided to go with it and hope they support it. Unfair allocation of work seems to be another subject people bring up, preferential treatment and more hours been given to others, only zero hour contracts allow for this as workers have very little rights. Rolled up holiday pay is still included in many people's contracts of this type even though the governments website says these are no longer allowed, more should be done to penalise employers who ignore such laws. It is us as employees who suffer on a whole.

I hope you sign this petition if you agree and that we get some sort of result from it, I know many have ran before but I don't think they have been taken seriously. Let's make this one different. 

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