Ban of product containing Microbeads from Indian Market

Ban of product containing Microbeads from Indian Market

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“When it comes to the issues concerning our environment, why do we bring the borders in between?”

Who thought that little dots in our scrub, which we wash our face with every day, can shake up the environment and may even end up in our gut!  Microbeads are small plastic beads that are mainly used in toiletries and skin products. They have been banned in US, and UK is to follow up soon. Now the question is why they pose a threat and why is it necessary to take a step for its eradication.

Microbeads are causing ‘plastic smog’ in the oceans worldwide. It is important to save the oceans as they not only give us O2, but also regulate our climate and are a major food source. There are more than 5 trillion plastic pieces present in the ocean out of which microbeads constitute for over 92%. These beads are so tiny that fishes consume them unknowingly or mistake them for planktons or eggs. Eventually the food chain ends up in our plate! The whole ecosystem is affected severely by these beads that are barely 1/3rd of an mm in size. Each bead of these plastics act as a sponge for absorbing toxins like PBTs (Persistent, Bioaccumulative and Toxic Chemicals) and DDTs that are eventually causing the biological magnification of these toxins in the food chain. These toxins cannot be easily eliminated from our body and gets accumulated, and over time may lead to deadly diseases like cancer!

Unfortunately India has yet not realized the necessity and is not aware of the seriousness of this issue.

India being a peninsular country, i.e. surrounded by water on three sides, a major culture of our country indulges in sea food; therefore we are absolutely not left untouched of this trouble, for this issue to not even being considered. It is high time to create awareness amongst the general population and to make sure these products are not being promoted in the market.

In order to test whether your product contains micro beads, there are a few ways you can test for yourself;

Take a teaspoon of the product and dissolve it in water. Allow the water to stand for some time. You would observe tiny beads floating on the surface or suspended. Those are the micro beads.
 Look out for POLYETHYLENE and POLYPROPYLENE in the composition of the product.
The world right now is under several environmental threats posed by its ultra-intelligent inhabitants; ‘us’ the humans. Solving this issue might be a step at a micro level to save the environment but each step towards a particular cause adds up to give a magnified result.

Therefore we, as responsible citizens of India should contribute to maintain the health of our environment and maybe let us start at a very minute level and say NO to products with micro plastic beads!

Lets join hand together Signing the petition and saving our nation....