Ban of Fast Food Campaigns Involving Malaysian Schools.

Ban of Fast Food Campaigns Involving Malaysian Schools.

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Kevin Zahri started this petition to KPM (Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia) and

Malaysia is facing an ever increasing uphill battle against obesity and it often starts in schools.

Yet fast food companies are allowed to leverage off CSR campaigns in collaboration with the Ministry of Education to introduce their brands to a new generation of consumers. This exploitation of students needs to STOP. Schools are a place of trust that fast food brands should NOT exploit.

In conjunction with this petition, we are launching a FREE nationwide community reach-out program called "Jom Kurus Sekolah - It's Not About Kurus" to empower schools & the community so that school children have the best chance in avoiding obesity and inactivity from a young age. and the great news is that YOU can play a role too. Our plans for Jom Kurus Sekolah are:

  • SIGN PETITION INI UNTUK OMIT FAST FOOD FROM SCHOOLS: We are looking at petitions and working with schools to protect school children from fast food branded CSR marketing campaigns.
  • CREATIVE HEALTH EDUCATION MODULES: Rather than focusing on traditional health education, we are looking to develop creative & fun learning modules that schools are empowered to execute. Books, campaigns, videos, games etc.

  • Connect SCHOOLS & VOLUNTEERS: School need help and there are many dieticians, doctors, sports coaches, parents, who are willing to get involved. We hope to be the connecting force.

  • LETS FIX “MAKANAN KANTIN”: Work with schools, canteen operators and volunteers in helping schools control and limit food options for a mutual win-win situation.

  • CREATIVE SCHOOL HEALTH CAMPAIGNS: Use social media, visual design and creative school campaigns to cultivate health education among students and schools.

  • ONLINE OBESITY SUPPORT CHANNELS: To allow parents, students and teachers access to FREE online support channels to get advice on nutrition, weight management and other FAQ.

  • WEB PORTAL - VIDEOS, TIPS, DATABASE: Calorie Database, eBooks, Books, Video tips, Sport Leagues, school directory, volunteer directories, recipes etc.

  • JOM AKTIF - SUKAN UNTUK SEMUA: Our social sports movement (presented to MOE/KBS) to “revolutionise” the way sports in school is handled and allow year-round competitions at all levels and ages.

  • PE TEACHER VOLUNTEER PROGRAM: For schools who lack resources, a PE volunteer program would allow qualified coaches to introduce NEW sports and other activities.

  • JOM KURUS SEKOLAH CLUBS: A TOT program to empower schools and the public join in biannual or more frequent educational weight loss programs.

We are planning to use this petition to:

  • Put a BAN to fast food branded CSR campaigns involving Malaysian schools. This does NOT mean they can't help through community programs. Instead they could still provide AID but can't use their logos and branding through these CSR campaigns.
  • Help us all shine a light on this very important topic.
  • Get schools interested to register their interest here. It's FREE.
  • Get the media to understand their role in spreading the word and making it relavant!
  • To get YOU to register and contribute as a writer, planner, PE replacement teacher, events, seminars, diet and much more. Do check the official website for ways you can help.

If you have any questions or concerns, please visit call Iffa or email us at


Kevin Zahri

0 have signed. Let’s get to 50,000!
At 50,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!