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Dear friend, with the great global outcry against GMO-Monsanto- WE the people need the Legislature, specifically the Governor to respond and Remove ALL Monsanto products immediately for the Safty and security of our enviorment. ~
Govenor please take action to Ban Toxic Monsanto products from the store shelves of Oregon.

As an example: Home Depot among other large corporations have continuing sales of Monsanto toxic home and garden chemicals and hopefully this petition will help Seek legal remedy from Monsanto for ecological damages to the Oregon due to its products and proprietary GMO seed.
Seriously, this ban must be instituted for the good of the people.
WE realize our Governor has the Authority to protect the people and have the Shelves cleared in weeks if not days with his approval.
Dear Friend -Your Signature gets his attention!

Sadly now it is reported Monsanto's toxic products have been discovered in the streams and waterways of Oregon.

Tell a neighbor -this is high Toxicity affecting children, families and the Salmon/Fish, and all nature.

Please ,Your signature can help kick MONSANTO out of STORES!!!

Share and Lets Unite and do the right thing.
Sponsors include: The Committee of Oregonians, Hamilton for Oregon Integrity, Friends of Oregon, and other concerned groups like you are joining in. WE thank you for your added value to the cause.

Please take another moment if you do not mind and invite a few friends to sign this important petition to ban Monsanto sales in Oregon.
{PS:You might want to start a petition for your area against MONSANTO, DOW,  ORTHO, and others.}

BOYCOTT BOYCOTT BOYCOTT the hell out of MONSANTO --- Bankrupt all Monsanto owned Companies

Letter to
Governor John Kitzhaber
The Oregon State Senate
The Oregon State House
and 3 others
Oregon State House
Oregon State Senate
Oregon Governor
WE the people..need immediate action from you Banning Monsanto product Sales from all Oregon retail outlets.
No big legislation needed- as NIKE says,..Just Do IT' as our lives depend on you taking immediate action.
You're elected to protect the people and the people are crying out against Monsanto's out of control policies.
More-so Monsanto's environmentally poisonous products have become a major concern for humanity in general.
Therefore in order to stop the high Toxicity affecting children and families, You can stop this outrageous act against humanity right here in Oregon with a determined decision to Ban all Monsanto company product sales in Oregon.
Seriously,..your attention is needed to begin cleaning up the environment. Please help Ban Monsanto products from store shelves and detoxify our lives. I am a concerned. Thank you for your time.
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Friends of The Committee of Oregonians.

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