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Ban Mobile phones for Traffic police when on duty in INDIA

The traffic laws in India say that once driving you cannot use, operate the mobile in any sense. Parking a car and speaking on a mobile phone is also not permitted by the Indian Traffic Law. This is a great move keeping the road safety & to reduce the road accidents / casulties in mind. However, the law is one sided and totally biased as the guardians of the traffic law in India, i.e the Traffic Police are allowed to use, operate and speak on mobiles even when on duty. Is this law not one sided? How can a traffic police divert his attention and speak on mobile while on duty? Won't this result in casulties, traffic problems & even accidents? If he concentrates on his duty maybe he will be able to manage traffic better & avert accidents too? I am writing this petition to garner public votes to make the authtorities sit back, take notice and ammend the law for the better!

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  • Honerable Minster Road Transport & Highways of INDIA
    Mr Kamal Nath

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