14 September 2023
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Why this petition matters

Started by Gistlovers Blog

The Marlian music is a drug syndicate disguising as a record label. They recruit young boys to peddle drugs as well as indulge  in drug related activities.



It could be seen in a trending case of ex-signee ILERIOLUWA OLADIMEJI ALOBA popularly known as Mohbad/Imole;



how his life was cut short, how his fundamental rights as a human being was  trampled upon just before his demise. The perpetrators of the acts include SAM LARRY and NAIRA MARLEY



as evidences are being opened up to the public how he was beaten


Click here to see evidence of Mohbad after he was physically assaulted by Sam Larry and his cohorts: a voice could be heard in the background accusing Sam Larry for the act

Moment Late Mohbad Was Assulted By Sam Larry During A Musical Video


 trailed as well as killed by these men SAM LARRY and NAIRA MARLEY..Mohbad until his death

was a star loved by fans all over the world. Survived by a wife and a child just a little below 24months of age.

ALOBA OLADIMEJI (Mohbad), had petitioned against Sam Larry, Elebe and others months before his death in respect to threat to his life, malicious damage of property, oppression etc.

Click here to see the petition Mohbad filed against Naira Marley and his best friend Sam Larry months ago; as well as other atrocities committed by Azeez Fashola popularly known as Naira Marley

The Nigerian Police Force received this petition in June 2023, they refused to act claiming he didn’t show up when he was invited to defend his petition against his adversaries Sam Larry and others after months of waiting. Sam Larry was said to have filed a counter petition against Mohbad. We call for a thorough investigation surrounding the circumstances of why he wasn’t able to show up after he was invited, it’s possible he was prevented from doing so or silenced by Sam Larry and others. The citizens are left with dashed hopes towards the capabilities of the Nigerian police force as they have failed to uphold to their utmost responsibility “protection of lives and property of citizens “; an instance could be seen in the case of Nnnamdi Emeh who was arrested and detained for being a whistleblower as well as. Exposing the under cover activities of the Anambra police in respect to harvest and trade of human organs, detaining innocent citizens etc. The alleged culprits Princess as well as Csp Patrick are said to be walking freely today, whilst the whistleblower Nnamdi Emeh is still detained/barely heard from. We call on the Government as a whole to intervene on all these matters.

Click here to see the petition filed in respect to the atrocities committed by some of the highly ranked police officers to include; Csp Patrick and others who are still walking freely today.

The citizens, fans both in Nigeria and in diaspora demand for Justice to be met!..Investigations should be carried out thoroughly on the Marlian Music Brand not leaving behind all evidences being provided to the public.

Tap on the link to follow @gistloverblog_mediaoutlet Refer to recent posts to get a full insight on the case of Mohbad. The blogger took further steps to pen down life of the late musician; his life, family, music career before stardom, contract with Marlian music as well as the circumstances surrounding/leading to his death.

#JusticeforMohbad #ripimole .




444 people signed today
Signatures: 268,371Next Goal: 300,000
444 people signed today