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Stop contentious ADHD brain-treatment

Young children from 5 years old are being told that they have a chronic brain disease while many professors are calling in the public media that fraud is being committed.

It must be prevented that the brains of children are being treated while there is nothing wrong with their brains.

When psychiatry is forced to provide physical evidence for the existence of a disease before they may treat it, it will result in the end of the profession. 

This petition is a call to decision makers in Europe to oblige psychiatry to be able to provide physical evidence for the presence of a disease before they may treat it, in particular in the case of young children for diagnosis such as ADHD

This petition is based on a public call by prof. dr. Marcel Canoy (Economics, University of Tilburg, The Netherlands)

The results of this petition will be offered by official mail when it reaches 50.000 signers.

This petition was delivered to:
  • Secretary-General, United Nations
    Ban Ki-moon
  • Director-General, World Health Organization
    Dr. Margaret Chan
  • Department of Health
    Dutch House of Representatives of the States-General
  • Secretary-General, Council of the European Union
    Uwe Corsepius

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