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UN Recognize Kekistanis as a Oppressed Minority

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Around the world Kekistanis are oppressed by Normie regimes. Our prophet Pepe, a symbol of our culture has been branded a hate symbol. We Kekistanis have been driven from there our homeland of Kekistan and forced to take identities that do not represent our own.

Kekistanis have been censored and non of them have been allowed to affiliate with our true ethnicity. In extreme cases we have even been denied the right to practice our peaceful culture and have been called derogatory and racist words.

Shitposting is our culture however for thousands of years our culture has been censored and our people oppressed by Normies and their Normie privilege. This unjust treatment of the Kekistanis has to stop.

This petition is here so that the UN will stand to it's principles and protect the freedom of speech that is given to the Kekistanis by the UN itself. Along with take action on the unjust treatment of Kekistanis in all nations . 

I and all who sign this Petition demand that the United Nations recognize Kekistani as an ethnicity. We demand that Pepe the prophet of Kek be given the same respect as Mohammad and Jesus by been taken off the hate symbols list. Along with this we demand equal treatment to practice our culture and religion in peace. 

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