U N Forces stop Genocide and Massacre of Kasmiries in Jammu& Kashmir

U N Forces stop Genocide and Massacre of Kasmiries in Jammu& Kashmir

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Tariq Siddiqui started this petition to United Nations Security Council and

India and Pakistan each claim the divided Himalayan territory of Kashmir in its entirety its disputed territory. Kashmir has been split between India and Pakistan since partition in 1947.

Both countries claim all of Kashmir and have fought three wars over the territory. Indian troops are in constant clashes with Kashmir’s independence movements.

According to an agreement Division of India " the majority Muslim population states will go with Pakistan and Hindu populations states will go with India".

 The Baroda, Western India and Gujarat and Deccan States which included parts of the present-day Indian states of Maharashtra Karnataka and  Junnagarh and Jammu & Kashmir by force India took their independence and merge in to Indian territory  .

On 1 November 1956, Bombay State was re-organized under the States Reorganisation Act on linguistic lines, absorbing various territories including the Sauras it was illegal territory, disputes in pipe line to be solve by international community and the United Nation Security council.

The government of India's decision in Jammu & Kashmir scrap Article 370 is illegal & unconstitutional, and is an occupation. Inflaming tensions between the state authorities and local populace must be immediately repealed; the additional deployment of thousands of security forces, a blanket blockade of telephone and internet services, restrictions on peaceful assembly has already pushed the people of J&K to the edge.

Most Kashmiris support the rebels’ demand that the territory be united either under Pakistani rule or an independent country.

While also participating in civilian street protests against Indian police, many political leaders were put under house arrest and not allowed to have visitors either.

The security forces have deliberately targeted civilians, the majority of whom are widely believed to sympathize with the militants. Indian security forces, which include the army and two paramilitary forces, the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and the Border Security Force (BSF) have assaulted civilians during search operations, tortured and summarily executed detainees in custody and finally, murdered civilians in reprisal attacks.

 International press have reported on the widespread use of rape by Indian security forces in Kashmir, the use of rape in the conflict has seldom attracted much international condemnation. There is also state-sponsored curfew in Kashmir.

There are many documented cases of rape, extrajudicial executions,  cases of torture, and  injuries resulting from indiscriminate shootings of non-combatants by Indian army and security force personnel.

It is irresponsible of authorities to continue the use of shotguns despite being aware of the damage they do.People injured by pellet-firing shotguns have faced serious physical and mental health issues, including symptoms of psychological trauma.

The United Nations and United Nation security council and European Commission should also initiate prompt, independent and impartial civilian investigations.

Into all incidents where the use of pellet-firing shotguns led to deaths or injuries to establish whether arbitrary or excessive force was used, tortured and executed .

Detainees in custody and murdered civilians and widespread use of rape by Indian security forces where sufficient evidence is found, and prosecute those suspected of responsibility in civilian courts.

The escalation and violation of Indian Government could cause the War between two armed Nuclear Nations.

Pakistani Government decide to go Democratic way through United Nations Security Councils to solve the urgent crisis matters at earliest response which welcome by many countries at earliest steps shows the Dialogue policy of peaceful Nation. Pakistan Army and other security Forces are on High alert and Patrolling the Nation for any Situations.

By signing petition people demand immediate intervene and solve the issue according to United Nation Security Council agreement which signed by both countries.

Best Regards,

In Solidarity,

Tariq Siddiqui / Human Rights Activist and Advocates

Raja Habib Rehman / Advocate Islamabad-Bar-Council

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